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We are professional and experienced team of friendly business-minded Accountants. We take care of your records and advice you on your business and tax affairs. And we are the tax consultants that will MINIMISE YOUR TAX BILL.

Client Commitment

At CJ & Co Ltd we are committed to developing and implementing bright ideas, intelligent strategies and innovative solutions for our clients – solutions that can significantly reduce their Tax bill both in the short and long-term. Business evolves in response to new economic and technological opportunities, so does CJ&Co.

We offer a full range of professional services to meet the client demands. We completely understand the demand of clients to reduce their tax bill, while at the same time grow their business. You can count on us at CJ & Co to develop strategies tailored to your requirements. so, when it comes to the question of reducing your tax bill so that you have more money in your pocket to spend on your family. Let us the experts give you all the answers.

As tax legislations are amended and upgraded by the authorities constantly, we always keep updating ourselves so we remain ahead of the game. We achieve this through educating ourselves through attending seminars and training programs regularly provided by both tax authorities and academic institutions. This is all needed to maximise the tax savings for the client and add value to the service we provide to you our client.

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With offices in Brentford, we are always available for a complimentary consultation. Our office offers high quality professional services to both individuals and businesses.

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